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Long Run Running shoes

happy Monday! I started my day with a 5 mile run. I specifically didn’t bring my ipod since this was a recovery run and music sometimes makes me go faster (at least on the good songs). No. since I did 19 miles on Saturday I knew I should pay attention to my body not Katy

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Pita party

hello and happy Monday   Yesterday I held a Pita party courtesy of Electrolux’s “Are You party Ready?” campaign. A week ago Foodbuzz sent out an email asking for last minute party tips. here is mine: MY latest VIDEOS High Achiever – good listen book Review High Achiever by Tiffany Jenkins book review. quick review

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Friday Favorites–Best buddy emails

delighted Friday! This is my preferred day of the week since my Friday faves publish is fun for me to keep in mind all the very best food as well Camiseta Villarreal CF as randomness I ate/did this week. MY most current VIDEOS Podcast Recaps from Aug 6 And here’s a new video with a

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July 2011 goals reviewed

I have been craving couscous in a crazy way. Is that weird? Good. because it goes along with all my other weird characteristics. MY latest VIDEOS What I eat In A Day – runner edition What I ate in a day. Food diary from a runner not currently training for a marathon or half marathon.

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Confetti Easter Egg search

Hello! I celebrated Easter with my household yesterday since I’m going to be in Boston for the Boston Marathon next weekend. (EEEK!) So, my lil familia was nice sufficient to do out annual confetti egg search a week early. (I believe it’s mainly since they enjoy smashing eggs in my hair as well as didn’t

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Interview with Bob Harper at Blogher 2011

I got hungry around 3pm and had a Camiseta Selección de fútbol de Alemania handful of cherries because I love them. A lot. But, I realized that I needed something more substantial before heading back to work. So, I made a protein smoothie with granola. MY latest VIDEOS High Achiever – good listen book Review

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Garmin 410 strap damaged Boooooooo

Hello! pleased Cat-erday!! MY newest VIDEOS Face Mask for Running or walking outside TIPS Face Mask suggestions for Running or walking outside during Coronavirus outbreak. Do you have to wear a deal with mask as well as Camiseta Eintracht Frankfurt finest choices for runners. More Videos Next Up Before We Were Strangers Review 09:42 Live

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Never have I Ever–Runner edition

Hello! how are ya? I’ve had a kinda crazy week. and I’m all of a sudden all into girls – the TV show that I think came out forever-ago but I heard about it’s the last season and got curious and now am viewing all of it. Anyway. It’s not like SATC or friends or some

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Broccoli In A Smoothie?!

I started my day with a slow 10 mile run. I wanted to see how my body felt after this weekend’s LA marathon and the result were to be expected, “okay”. MY latest VIDEOS How to do the lower Body workout for Runners A Quick tutorial of the lower Body for Runners workout A moves.

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